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12 October 1986
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supposed to be strictly gaming journal but i end up just writing whatever in it. IM me on aim at oce86 because i like talking on im a lot :) i also have a facebook i use a lot be my friend on it if you want.

i'm in college, i'm in a co-ed fraternity called Phi Sigma Pi (www.phisigmapi.org), i spend a lot of time doing homework and real job work as a graphic design and marketing intern, and i love going out to dance clubs and bars. i fully believe in trying everything new and experiencing as many adventures as possible - even if that means you are drunk and high in the ghetto of philly at 5am eating a cheeseteak in the back of a pickup truck with your best friends.

when i have free time i play games :)

currently playing:

PS3: Folklore
PS2: FFXII, Valkyrie Profile 2
DS: Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Pokemon Diamond
GC: Zelda: Twilight Princess